Starberg Pilsner Beer 50cl

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Starberg Pilsner Beer 50cl

France Lager | 4°

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The appellation "Pis" or "Pilsner" comes from the Pilson village (Czech Republic) where this style of beer first saw the light of day in 1842.

Domain and appellation

    • Tasting Notes from our Oenologists: sustained golden colour, nice elegant nose, quite fine and floral blong barly, beautiful fine bubbles, tenacity, quite full bodied, finesse, length with a nice sapid and fond bitterness. The pilsner is drunk cooler than a hot fermentation beer, but not frozen, generaly between 10 and 12 degrees, in order to let the aromas stand out. Beer is one of the oldest products of civilisation. Historians think that the Mesotopamians and Sumerians were making beer 10000years BC. The main raw material of beer is barley. As barley grows more easily than grapes in less mild climates, the countries such as Germany and England produce beer rather than wine. Flemish and hollondais merchantsintroduced the hop during brewing, to inccrease its bitterness. This version was so successful that, by the 18th century, all beers contained hops. Today, one can find a considerable variety of beers in Europe, in particular in Belgium, in the Netherlands and in Germany.

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