Laurent-Perrier, Innovator in Champagne

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The Laurent-Perrier style is grounded in the vision of one man, Bernard de Nonancourt, who began creating a unique range of champagnes underpinned by freshness, delicacy and elegance as early as the 1950s.

Above and beyond the style, what defines the House of Laurent-Perrier is its role as an innovator and pioneer in ensuring of the quality of wines in Champagne.

In 1959, Laurent-Perrier launched Grand Siècle, a blend of three exceptional vintages that complement each other perfectly to recreate the perfect year, at each iteration.

In 1968, Laurent-Perrier introduced Cuvée Rosé, elevating non-vintage Rosé champagne through a totally new type of wine.

In 1981, Laurent-Perrier launched Ultra Brut, the rebirth of the “Grand Vin Sans Sucre” as the perfect complement to nouvelle cuisine long before the "Brut Nature" category was even created.
In 2017, Laurent-Perrier unveiled the evolution of its Brut Non-Vintage, “La Cuvée”, showcasing significant advances in quality.
In 2019, Laurent-Perrier continued to innovate with the Blanc de Blancs Brut Nature, without dosage, which only a perfect mastery of aging and winemaking can offer.

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