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Loire Centre
Chinon Red | 13.5°

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Bottle 75 cL

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Our oenologists' opinion

Powerful bouquet


Body ? The body is the way a wine feels inside the mouth. Several factors, such as the alcohol content and the presence of tannins, contribute to the feel of the wine.

Freshness ? The freshness of a wine is defined by its level of acidity. Unlike rounded wines, fresh wines are easy to drink, and are more lively. Acidity plays a necessary part in a wine's structure.

Aging ? All wines do not have the same aging potential. Some are supposed to be consumed at a young age while others must be kept for longer periods of time.

Tannins ? Coming from stems, grape pips and their storage barrels, the tannin gives structure to red wines only.

Do you know ?

Exceptional terroir and "Royal" vineyard. These legendary vines were reserved for the kings of England and France. Le Clos de l'Echo was also the property of Rabelais and his family. The oldest vines are 87 years old and this vineyard is the only one integrated into the royal fortress of Chinon.


Domain and appellation

  • Winegrower-Harvester since 1921, the Couly Dutheil family owns 100 hectares of estates closed in Chinon. Today, Arnaud Couly-Dutheil manages the estate and vinifies all the wines.


    Terroir: The estate with a total surface area of ​​17 hectares is located on clay-limestone soils

    Viticulture: The vines are managed on the principle of "sustainable management" and respect for the environment. The Clos de l'Echo is completely grassed. Meticulous pruning, disbudding, leaf stripping and training are organized in order to limit yields and optimize the quality and maturity of the grapes. The harvest is manual.

    Vinification: Complete destemming of the harvest with sorting of the grapes. Traditional vinification in thermo-regulated stainless steel vats and use of indigenous yeasts.


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