Kirin Blended Whiskey 70cl

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Kirin Blended Whiskey 70cl

Japan | 50°

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Bottle 70cL

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Fuji Sanroku means « at the bottom of the Fuji Mountain ».
This Blended Whisky is produced from five different batch chosen by the Master Blender Jota Tanaka: two singles malts distilled in pure pot stills and three whiskeys of grains distilled in different stills (Kettle, Doubler and column) producing a great variety of diverse aromas. The aging is done using American white oak barrels of 180 liters, favoring the preservation of flavors.

Domain and appellation

  • Kirin

    The Fuji Gotemba, owned by the Kirin group, has been created in 1970 and began distilling in 1973.
    At the bottom of the Mont Fuji, in the city of Gotemba, the distillery has a one of a kind environment. The region is provided with water coming from the volcano whose composition in basalt is one of the most important in the world. The air is also fresh, the distillery is located 12 km away from the volcano’s top, around 620m above the sea level. The average temperature is around 13°C. Finally, the surrounding humidity is ideal.

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