Sud Ouest wines

Spread across 50,000 hectares, the South-west vineyards offer a unique blend of bordeaux and indigenous varietals to produce tannic and full-bodied red wines, and aromatic whites. Produced in 12 different departments, South-west wines benefit from a broad geological diversity and a climate with oceanic, mountainous and mediterranean influences.
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Domaine Cauhapé "Ballet d'Octobre" 2016
South West Jurancon
15, 45
Bottle 75 cL Discover
Cub. Collection IGP Côtes Gascogne 3L
South West IGP Côtes de Gascogne
15, 90
3 litre "bag in box" Discover
Clos Triguedina - Cahors 2014
South West Cahors
16, 90
Bottle 75 cL Discover
Clos Triguedina - Probus 2011
South West Cahors
33, 30
Bottle 75 cL Discover
Pacherenc du Vic Bilh, La Saint-Sylvestre 2014
South West Pacherenc the Vic-Bihl
34, 00
Bottle 50cL Discover
Imperial 5l Buzet, Costes de Beyrac 2016
South West Buzet
67, 50
Imperiale (8L) Discover
1 2
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