Corkscrew Twin Blade

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Corkscrew Twin Blade

This Corkscrew Twin Blade in chromed metal easily extracts the corks leaving them intact, even if they are old and fragile. The cork won’t crumble because it is not drilled.
It can also be used to reseal the opened bottle. Legend has it that the Twin Blade was popular amongst café waiters that used it to drink a few centiliters of the bottle and then reseal it without leaving evidence. This mythic object has been patented in 1949.

How to use it:

-    First insert the point of the longest blade, then the one of the smallest blades.

-    Thrust the blades one by one with a rocker arm movement.

-    Once the blades are deep down, pull the Corkscrew Twin Blade turning its handle.

-    The cork is out totally intact!

Created and made in France.

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