Corkscrew Twin Blade

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Corkscrew Twin Blade


This black metal corkscrew allows you to easily extract corks leaving them intact, even those that are old and fragile. The cork will not crumble because it is not pierced. It can also be used as a bottle stopper. Legend has it that the Bilame was very popular with some waiters, who used it to drink a few centilitres from the bottles and then re-seal them without leaving any traces of tampering. This mythical object was patented in 1949. Instructions for use: - First insert the tip of the longer blade, then the tip of the shorter blade. - Push in the blades in turn, with a rocking motion. - Once the blades are pushed in, pull the Bilame corkscrew by turning its handle. - Your cork comes out completely intact! Created and made in France.

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