Maker's Mark Bourbon

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Maker's Mark Bourbon

Kentucky | 45°

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The word Whisky means agrain spirit (malted or not) produced in Scotland whereas Whiskey produced in Ireland or the United States which is commonly called "Bourbon".

Domain and appellation

  • Maker's Mark

    At the end of Prohibition, the Samuels family revived the distillation and decided to invent a new whiskey in a cubic bottle sealed with red wax. The first bottle of Maker's Mark was sold in 1958. In 2005, Maker's Mark was acquired by the Fortune Brands group.


    • Distillery: The distillery Maker's Mark is located in Loretto, Kentucky.


    • Manufacturing: Made from corn, barley and wheat (rye but unlike traditional Bourbons), the Maker's Mark is also characterized by an aging without fixed term. However, it should age for at least 2 years old to earn the name "straight bourbon".

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