Jack Daniel's Single Barrel

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Jack Daniel's Single Barrel

Tennessee Amber | 45°

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The word Whisky means agrain spirit (malted or not) produced in Scotland whereas Whiskey produced in Ireland or the United States which is commonly called "Bourbon".

Domain and appellation

  • Jack Daniel's

    Founded in 1866 by Jack Daniel, then aged 19, it is considered the oldest distillery registered in the United States. Jack Daniel's Single Barrel is not a bourbon but a Tennessee Whiskey. To have this appellation, the whiskey must be filtered through a layer maple wood approximately 3 metres thick before being put in barrels.


    • Distillery: The Jack Daniel’s distillery is located in Lynchburg, Tennessee.


    • Production: The Master Distiller carefully chooses the barrels, which are then placed on the highest reaches of the barrelhouses (where temperature variations are the most intense). This privileged location ensures an optimum exchange between the oak barrels and the whiskey. After 7 years of aging, each barrel is bottled separately. Thus, the taste of Single Barrel is different from one barrel to the next. Each bottle is labeled by hand and marked with the number of the barrel as well as the bottling date.

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