Eau de Villée + Glass

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Eau de Villée + Glass

White | 40°

Ref : 435161

9.95 9, 95

Bottle 70cL

i.e. 14.21 € / liter

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Do you know ?

The name of this liquor comes from the small stream that flows behind the Biercée Distillery. Over 10 kg of fresh fruit are needed to develop a bottle of Eau de Villée.

Domain and appellation

  • Distillerie de Biercée

    Since 1946, the Biercée Distillery has distilled top quality eaux de vie and liqueurs in the purest tradition. Eau de Villée is a premium quality lemon liqueur.


    • Production: It comes from a blend of different distillates of whole Murcia lemons with 4 other fresh fruit eaux de vie, all fermented or macerated in the distillery.

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