Cognac Delamain Pale Dry Grande Champagne XO 20cl

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Cognac Delamain Pale Dry Grande Champagne XO 20cl

Cognac Amber | 40°

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The most exceptional passion for cognacs has been passed down in the family since 1759, the year in which James Delamain, from Ireland, moved to Jarnac as a trader.

Domain and appellation

  • Delamain

    For two centuries, the Delamain House, from generation to generation, has been the keeper of a way of thinking and experiencing cognac that transcends any usual reference. With art and patience, it makes the most prestigious and unique cognacs in the world. Those in which we regard as the best. To achieve a level of excellence and uniqueness, the House uses an essential and forgotten ingredient: time. Manufacture: the oldest oak barrels in Limousin are called "fûts roux" (barrels that have already been used and have lost their tannins). Each cognac is aged separately.

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