Blanche Armagnac Delord

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Blanche Armagnac Delord

Armagnac White | 42°

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Created in 2005, this new AOC Blanche Armagnac is a translucent eau-de-vie from the distillation of white wines.

Domain and appellation

  • Armagnac Delord

    It was in 1893 that Prosper Delord founded the Delord company. Today, Jérôme and Sylvain, his great grandsons, continue the family tradition under the protective eye of their father, Jacques. Our 45 hectare vineyard, dedicated exclusively to the production of Armagnac, is made up of the four traditional grape varieties. It is located in the commune of Lannepax, in Bas-Armagnac. La Blanche For the elaboration of this eau de vie, Sylvain Delord has selected the Colombard grape variety for its fruity aromas. He carefully and methodically carries out the vinification: settling the must, controlling the fermentation temperatures and racking. He thus obtains a slightly acidic wine with a low degree. Thanks to double distillation, authorised by the AOC since 1972, but whose use remains confidential in Armagnac, the colombard expresses all its originality and its fruity notes.

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