Gin Citadelle + 4 Tonics for free

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Gin Citadelle + 4 Tonics for free

Are you craving a Gin Tonic to freshen up yourself? So discover the alliance of the French gin Citadelle and the best of tonic, as its creators proudly call it, the Fever Tree! In fact, for the purchase of one Gin Citadelle, 4 Tonic Water Fever Tree are offered!
This gin that has 18 spices is a real concentrate of freshness and spices. It will perfectly get along with this premium tonic. Indeed, the Fever Tree, thanks to its high-quality ingredients selected all around the world, will give you sensations of tasting new and unseen before, different from your usual tonic.
So why do you go without what’s best?

Content of the offer:
-    1 bottle of Gin Citadelle (70cl)
-    4 bottles of Tonic Water Fever Tree (4 x 20 cl)

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