Château Chavrignac 2014

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Château Chavrignac 2014

Bordeaux Red | 13°

Ref : 471552

7.90 7, 90

Bottle 75 cL

i.e. 10.50 € / liter

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  • Keeping level Peut encore vieillir
  • Service temperature 17°
  • Grapes Cabernet Sauvignon
    Cabernet Franc

Our food and wine pairings

  • White meat
  • Lamb
  • Soft cheese

Our oenologists' opinion

Fruity and well-rounded



Body ? The body is the way a wine feels inside the mouth. Several factors, such as the alcohol content and the presence of tannins, contribute to the feel of the wine.

Freshness ? The freshness of a wine is defined by its level of acidity. Unlike rounded wines, fresh wines are easy to drink, and are more lively. Acidity plays a necessary part in a wine's structure.

Aging ? All wines do not have the same aging potential. Some are supposed to be consumed at a young age while others must be kept for longer periods of time.

Tannins ? Coming from stems, grape pips and their storage barrels, the tannin gives structure to red wines only.

Do you know ?

When talking about an organic wine, people usually refers to what’s happening ahead of the winemaking process in the vineyard. The AB label guarantees that winegrowers and domains lead ethical practices in order to preserve the French wine terroir. Chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides are replaced with natural treatments such as composts and manures.

Domain and appellation

  • Château Chavrignac

    Located in the Entre-deux-Mers- Bordeaux wine region, the Châteaux Chavrignac sets apart with the integration of organic winegrowing standards since 1964. These wines carry today the European certified organic label AB (An USDA equivalent).


    • Terroir: The 28 hectares domain lays on a clay-limestone soil with merlot, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon and malbec as main grape varieties.


    • Viticulture: The incorporation of organic agriculture to the Château Chavrignac standards is recognized through the AB organic label. Fertilizers are composts-made and vines are protected from bacteria thanks to the local Bordeaux porridge “bouillie bordelaise” and a limited quantity of suffer. The harvests are mechanic with selective cuts.


    • Vinification: The winemaking process is traditional with 8 to 10 days maceration and fermentation in stainless steel tank. The wine ages in French oak barrel.
  • Main grape

  • Grapes Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec
  • Grapes
    • Cabernet Sauvignon : 26%
    • Merlot : 35%
    • Cabernet Franc : 35%
    • Malbec : 4%

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