Secure payment


Buy wine from the Nicolas website in total safety thanks to CYBERMUT, the banking interface of Crédit Mutuel.

After having chosen your article(s) and completed the purchase order, you can then select your mode of payment: if you choose to pay by credit card, you will automatically be connected to Crédit Mutuel's secure server; the transaction will be processed in secure mode, guaranteeing the confidentiality of the information provided. Fill in the boxes provided for this purpose, making sure that you do not enter your confidential code or account number. The Crédit Mutuel server requests a payment authorisation. You are informed of the response at the same time as Nicolas, and if authorisation is granted, the transaction can go ahead.


Thanks to PayPal, there is no need to disclose your financial information. PayPal increases your protection against fraud. Make on-line payments with peace of mind: PayPal enables you to pay without disclosing your financial information to a third party. PayPal automatically encrypts your confidential data using the best technologies available on the market. 100% protection against the unauthorised payments made from your account. PayPal ensures that you financial information remains confidential while guaranteeing you 100% protection against unauthorised payments made from your account.


Caution, if you choose this payment method, your order will not be shipped until your payment has been received. This type of payment is suitable for paying large sums. Please indicate on the transfer reference your purchase order number which will be stated at the end of your order.