Nicolas Quality Commitment

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Since the opening of our first shop in 1822, we have exercised our profession as wine merchants with as much rigor as passion in making quality our priority. It is by respecting this principle every day for 200 years that we have built a reputation for our house. Today, we have put in place, with an independent organization, Ecocert Expert Consulting, a specification which formalizes our quality commitment. This voluntary approach is audited annually by a recognized control body which validates our performance on the following pillars. This quality approach drives all of Nicolas’ men and women, from the plots to the stores.


Discover the 3 pillars of our quality Nicolas approach:


1) Quality products


Selecting the best quality wine and spirits is our priority.

• Each product that we give our clients – whatever its price or reputation - was previously agreed by our oenologists which tasted then analyzed them in our integrated laboratory following a strict scoring grid.

• All the receptions are then carefully checked: a tasting and an analysis, which will be compared to the tasting and analysis at selection, is carried out.

• The presentation and packaging of the products are integral parts of our checks.

• All of our stages of selection and checks are saved and conserved, assuring a perfect traceability of our approach and very valuable historical data.


2) Client satisfaction


The wine merchants at Nicolas are true wine professionals, passionate about the product, concerned with their customer’s satisfaction.

• They all follow a training course with the integrated School Nicolas. There, they acquire a perfect product knowledge which allows them to best advise each client.

• The wine merchants at Nicolas are also constantly informed of the developments in the vineyards.

• They follow regular continual education, completed by visits to the vineyard, tastings in the shop or during our fairs etc…

• They only have one vocation: to make each tasting occasion a unique and successful moment of friendliness and serenity.


3) Sustainable developpement


At Nicolas, we practice a responsible and sustainable approach to our profession:

• Sorting and recycling of our waste: cardboard, glass, paper, cork, plastic.

• Respect the CO2 charter and eco driving for transporting our merchandise (this is being set up)

• Using boxed made from eco-managed forests (PEFC or FSC labels for store equipment).

• Particular attention to the health impacts of products used in our store equipment.

• We favor partners who practice a sustainable viticulture.