How can you choose the wine that will perfectly fit your meal?
Who has never faced this problem? Simply follow a few important tips to earn the admiration of your guests.
First, the succession of wines: from the lightest to the most powerful, from the youngest to the oldest. Never regret the previous wine:
always go up in order to make the quality of tasting consistent. Respect the balance of power: to begin with, the “bubbly” wine offers a fresh feeling to introduce the first part of the meal. White or rosé wine will follow,
and then the red wine and finally, the sweet wine. The colours of the wines and dishes are often linked: we will prefer white wines with fish, poultry or light meat and red wines with the duck or red meat.
Respect these type of agreements: Light wine with light dish / Subtle win with a subtle refined dish / Powerful wine with strong dish or spicy taste. Finally, be open to new things and curious!

Never forget that the wine must improve the dishes. It is a complement to the magic of the moment.

Finally, regarding cheeses, we must prioritize white wines. The tannins of red wines weigh down the cheese, whereas white wines, dry and fruity, bring liveliness and freshness to the fat side of cheeses.
Do not forget to put the origins to good use by serving your cheese specialties with wines from the region from which they come.