Tonic Water Fever Tree

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Tonic Water Fever Tree

The ¾ of your gin tonic is made of tonic, so why should we be using a basic and chemical tonic when we can have quality? The founders of Fever Tree, Charles Rolls and Tom Warillow founded this enterprise in 2005 with this question in mind. And one idea: to create the best tonic in the world. The quinine, key-ingredient of the beverage that brings bitterness, is produced in Congo. The fresh green ginger comes from the Ivory Coast, the elderflower from the English region of the Gloucestershire, the rosemary and the lemon thyme from the Mediterranean coasts… Each ingredient has been carefully selected to perfectly ally with your favorite gin and to offer you an incredible and unseen tasting experience. It also perfectly goes along with spirits, so don’t hesitate to mix it with whiskeys, bourbons or rums.

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