Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Rye

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Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Rye

Tennessee Brown | 45°

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Bottle 70cL

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Our oenologists' opinion

Powerful bouquet

A powerful nose is released by this golden whisky recalling the cereal, caramel and coffee. Power, finesse and elegance match in mouth creating a whole that is frank and full-bodied. This rye whisky demonstrates also a great freshness during the length with notes of ginger. 



Body ? The body is the way a wine feels inside the mouth. Several factors, such as the alcohol content and the presence of tannins, contribute to the feel of the wine.

Freshness ? The freshness of a wine is defined by its level of acidity. Unlike rounded wines, fresh wines are easy to drink, and are more lively. Acidity plays a necessary part in a wine's structure.

Aging ? All wines do not have the same aging potential. Some are supposed to be consumed at a young age while others must be kept for longer periods of time.

Tannins ? Coming from stems, grape pips and their storage barrels, the tannin gives structure to red wines only.

Do you know ?

The word “Whisky” refers to a grain spirit (malted or not) produced in Scotland whereas the “Whiskey” is produced in Ireland or in the United States is commonly called "Bourbon". To get this designation, the whiskey must be filtered through a layer of maple wood that has a thickness of 3 meters before being put in barrels.

Domain and appellation

  • Jack Daniel's

    Founded in 1866 by Jack Daniel at 19 years old, the Jack Daniel’s distillery located in Lynchburg in the Tennessee is the oldest distillery registered in the United States.

    • Manufacturing: Barrels are placed on the highest floors of the cellars (where variations of temperature are the most intense). This privileged place ensures an optimal exchange between the oak of the barrels and the whiskey. This whiskey is made of 70% of rye, which brings complex flavors of ripe fruits and roasted oak.


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