Damoiseau - Old Agricole Rhum 5 Years Old

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Damoiseau - Old Agricole Rhum 5 Years Old

Guadeloupe Amber | 42°

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Bottle 70cL

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Do you know ?

The legend tells that Guadeloupean will stop drinking rum when one of the two carriers on the label of the bottle will set foot on land. 

Domain and appellation

  • Damoiseau

    Founded in the late nineteenth century by Mr. Rimbaud, the estate was bought by the Damoiseau  family in 1942. Leader of the Guadeloupe market, the Damoiseau distillery, located in the Bellevue area in the town of Moule, distills the agricultural white rum and old rum.
    • Manufacturing: Developed in strict compliance with the traditional methods, it is a harmonious blend of agricultural rums from the Damoiseau distillery only and is aged at least 5 years in oak barrels. 

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