Mamont Vodka

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Mamont Vodka

Russia White | 40°

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This vodka has been inspired by the discovery of the Yukagir mammoth in 2002. It rested since 18 years in ice, in Yakoutie, in the Arctic Siberia. The vodka Mamont’s bottle is a tribute to this discovery : its shape is inspired from a mammoth tusk.

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  • Vodka Mamont

    Discover the most elegant vodka of Siberia! Elegant by the shape of its bottle, elegant also by its finesse and its crystal-clear purity. You will find it as well in mouth with its smooth texture.
    The distillery producing the Mamont Vodka is located in Siberia. Named Itkul and founded in 1868, it is the oldest one in Russia. It takes its name from the river nearby. Thus, the Mamont Vodka is a real tribute to Siberia. This distillery is the only that produce alcohol from pure malt.

    • Manufacturing: Traditionally made from malted winter malt, it is distilled six times with the pure water from the Altaï Mountains. Then this vodka is filtered through silver birch charcoal, to provide finesse and purity.


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