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- Bottle 50cL - 30°

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From March 27 to April 16 2024
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Our oenologists' opinion

Fruity and well-rounded

Yellow colour, fluorescent green reflections but rather cloudy. Powerful and straight nose with lemon zest, fresh almost mentholated hint. Good balance on a full-bodied liqueur, with a nice sweetness but without heaviness or pasteiness. The character is signed. Slightly heady but greedy finish.

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Body ? The body is the way a wine feels inside the mouth. Several factors, such as the alcohol content and the presence of tannins, contribute to the feel of the wine.

Freshness ? The freshness of a wine is defined by its level of acidity. Unlike rounded wines, fresh wines are easy to drink, and are more lively. Acidity plays a necessary part in a wine's structure.

Aging ? All wines do not have the same aging potential. Some are supposed to be consumed at a young age while others must be kept for longer periods of time.

Tannins ? Coming from stems, grape pips and their storage barrels, the tannin gives structure to red wines only.

Domain and appellation


    Limoncino Bio Bottega is produced by using selected organic ingredients, the main one being the infusion of certified organic lemon zests of the Femminello variety. This variety is the most widely distributed in Italy. It is characterised by a fine-seeded zest, and high quality essential oils. The lemons are cultivated according to the strict rules of organic agriculture, which does not allow for the usage of pesticides or synthesised fertilisers. They are harvested when they have reached their full ripeness, they are washed and peel the grapes by hand by eliminating the bitter yellow parts and olny keeping the yellow parts, whoch is rich in essential oils. The lemon peels are infused with organic alcohol for around 30 years. After the extract process of aromatic and colourant substances, the liquid is separated from the peel. Sugar and essential oils from the organic lemons are added.

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