Sake Nihonshu Bijito

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Sake Nihonshu Bijito

| 14.5°

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The company combines tradition and modernity to produce alcohols in harmony with consumer expectations. Kizakura's ambition is to make the whole world appreciate all the subtlety and flavours of sake!

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    Bijito is a nihonshu sake, produced exclusively in Japan. Made from the fermentation of rice, water and koji (a natural enzyme that converts starch into sugar), this Junmai sake is produced from the Koshi Hikari variety of rice, the grains of which have been polished up to 70%. Made at Kizakura, one of the largest sake breweries in Japan, this sake is distinguished by its apple, pear and citrus zest aromas. The success of the Kizakura brewery is based above all on the quality of the rice and water used, the most important elements in the production of sake.

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