Italian wines

With terraces clinging to the snowy slopes of the Tyrolean Alps, with the north, the southern islands, the simple points on the horizon, not far from Africa, Italy has more vineyards than any other country. The Italians were also the first wine drinkers in the world, but they produce enough to be the first exporters.
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Lambrusco Salamino di Santa Croce Secco
Santa Croce
6, 70
Bottle 75 cL Discover
Valpolicella Fiori Lamberti 2014
8, 75
Bottle 75 cL Discover
Torre Saracena - Nero d'Avola Di Sicilia 2015
Sicilian Region
8, 80
Bottle 75 cL Discover
Santi Ca' Bordenis Bardolino Classico DOC 2014
Vèneto Bardolino
11, 00
Bottle 75 cL Discover
Chianti Villa Chigi Saracini DOCG
Tuscany Chianti
13, 80
Bottle 75 cL Discover
Barolo Neirano 2013
Piemont Barolo
22, 70
Bottle 75 cL Discover
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