Togouchi Kiwami Blended Whisky

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Togouchi Kiwami Blended Whisky

Japan | 40°

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A single malt whisky refers to only malted barley from a single distillery while a blended whisky is a blend of single malts and grain whiskies.

Domain and appellation

  • Togouchi

    Kiwami Togouchi is made of a unique assembly of Scottish and Canadian whiskies. Be ready to flirt with the high spheres of the Japanese culture. This blended whiskey, proud of its Scottish origins, claims its Japanese personality. Even its name is an ode to Japan. In fact, “Kiwami” means “high”. It is elaborated by the distillery Chugoku Jozo, located near Hiroshima. The aging is made in a unique place: a tunnel of 361 meters long digged in 1970. The constant temperature is 14°C, the air humidity is 80%. The whiskey is then reduced with spring water collected at the heart of mountains of Sandankyo.

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