Old Agricole Rhum Clément

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Old Agricole Rhum Clément

Martinique Amber | 44°

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Bottle 70cL

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Located in the heart of the sugar cane plantation, the maison Clément is the only caribbean “habitation” that remains open to public. This terminology is used in the Martinique island to describe a farming domain.

Domain and appellation

  • Habitation Clément

     Established in 1887 by Homère and Charles Clément, the maison Clément is part of Martinique cultural heritage.


    • Terroir: The Clément “habitation” is spread across 160 hectares to product appellation rhums.


    • Viticulture: The sugar cane is one of few plants that can be cultivated in high quantity. In Martinique, the cannes are ripe between february and may. Planted every 7 or 8 years, the cane can reach up to 5 meters.


    • Manufacturing: Once delivered at the distillery, the cane are weighted and sampled in order to evaluate their sugar content. They are pressed in three different mills in order to extract their juices, also called vésou. The juice is transferred through pump in the fermentation tanks for 24 to 36 hours. Ready to be distilled, this “cane wine” is reheated and placed in the distillation column prior to age in stainless steel tanks.

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