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Lager | 4.5°

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Originally, Corona was created Mexican workers, this beer is very refreshing and quickly won over Mexico and the rest of the world.

Domain and appellation

  • Corona

    Corona Beer is a pilsner type beer with bottom fermentation, designed by the brewer Modelo in Mexico. Originating in 1925, it is brewed with approximately 40% rice and very little hops. The lemon zests are added during brewing.

    • Beer is one of the oldest products in civilisation. Historians think that the Mesopotamians and Sumerians made beer 10000 years before J.C. The main raw material for beer is barley. As barley grows more easily than grapes in less mild climates, countries such as Germany and England produced beer earlier than wine. Flemish and Dutch merchants introduced hops in the brewing process, to increase bitterness. This version was so successful that in the 18th century, all beers contained hops. Today, in Europe, one can find a considerable variety of beers, in particular in Belgium, Scotland and Germany

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