Bière Brewdog Jet Black Heart 33cl

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Bière Brewdog Jet Black Heart 33cl

Scotland Amber | 4.7°

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3.80 3, 80

Bottle 33cl

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Our oenologists' opinion

Powerful bouquet

The black color of this beer, that releases fragrances of caramel and barley, hides nice flavors and a good balance. Indeed, its full-bodied side does not take away its freshness. The oat and the wheat are creating an incomparable unctuosity. Its bitter taste brings vigor to the finish that ends this amazing tasting.


Body ? The body is the way a wine feels inside the mouth. Several factors, such as the alcohol content and the presence of tannins, contribute to the feel of the wine.

Freshness ? The freshness of a wine is defined by its level of acidity. Unlike rounded wines, fresh wines are easy to drink, and are more lively. Acidity plays a necessary part in a wine's structure.

Do you know ?

Brewdog is the most recognized brasserie in Europe thanks to an amazing marketing, an expert team in the brewing world and exceptional beers.

Domain and appellation

  • Brewdog is a young brewery that transforms codes and traditions of the beer world. It offers to beer lovers new and unique products. Founded in 2006, the brewery is located in the north-east of Scotland.

    • Food and Beer Pairing: The Jet Black Heart will work wonders with ham hock.


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